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StitchSmart Stand – A53047


The perfect partner for needlework! With its strong jaw, the stand holds your frame or hoop firmly in position. The unique swivel system allows you to lift and rotate the frame 360° at anytime. Quick to assemble, it is ready to use in seconds. Practical, stable, height adjustable… stitch smarter with daylight!

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Tricolour – A45200


Daylight’s Tricolor Lamp is an exceptionally versatile and easy to operate lamp with adjustable brightness and 3 colour temperatures. Altering the brightness and colour temperature allows you to go from performing intricate craft to relaxing after a long day, with the aid of just one lamp.

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Electra – A35231


The Electra features 3 colour temperatures and a continuous tactile dimmer switch, giving you endless lighting options. Work in high contrast task lighting during the day and then simply change the colour temperature to create a relaxing ambient light when you’re ready to wind down.

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Smart GO – AN1370


The Smart Go will enable you to drive your most creative work in style. Illuminate your treatments, sewing, reading or painting with high quality light from this reliable, compact lamp. Keep it handy when visiting clients, in your potting shed, or at your craft club. Take this creative companion with you wherever you go!

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Twist 2 – A35070


The Twist 2 is a high quality lamp that’s compact and simple to operate. This light is easy to grip, transport using the carry handle, and plug in where needed. Solid and stable, place the Twist 2 anywhere without worrying about stability.

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Foldi Go – A35050


Brilliantly bright, this rechargeable lamp folds around your needs. Portable, height adjustable and designed with a rotating head, the Foldi Go Rechargeable Lamp enables you to get the highest quality of light positioned exactly where you want it.

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ARCH LED Magnifier Lamp – Floor or Desk – OD109.W


With 21 powerful LED’s and handy features like being able to convert from floor lamp to desk lamp with ease and the integrated switch on the lamp head makes this a value packed magnifier!

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Aura Ring Lamp A35450


The best way to choose a colour is to see the colour! The high CRI allows you to work in perfect daylight wherever you are. The ring gives an even and shadowless distribution of light. Social Media friendly with a mobile phone holder for YouTubers and Vloggers – the Aura is also lightweight and folds into its carry-bag.

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