13w Replacement Tube - OT3063

Manufacturer: Daylight Company
Product Code:OT3063
RRP: $34.95
Yours Today: $ 29.95

The output of a 13 watt OttLite tube is roughly equivalent to that of a 60 watt incandescent bulb. Think of all that energy you’re not paying for! What will you do with that extra change?
Maybe grab some gear for your favorite craft or hobby—because with an OttLite bulb you’ll enjoy crisp colors and clear details. So no matter what it is you love to do, with our low-heat, low-glare illumination you can enjoy it longer.

Incandescent bulbs are kind of like dinosaurs. Once, they dominated the planet. They came in every size, shape, and wattage. But then…something happened. No one knows exactly when incandescent bulbs started to dim, but soon a new species of bulb emerged to take their place: the CFL.
And from those humble beginnings, the OttLite 508® Natural Sunlight Illumination bulbs has risen to the apex of the lighting food chain. Welcome to the evolution of the light bulb.Watts: 13W

  • For use only as a replacement bulb with specific OttLite® lamps
  • See the difference! Amazing color and detail clarity
  • Energy efficient bulb rated to last up to 10,000 hours

RRP $32.95

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